Dennis Maynard Bio

Dennis Maynard has been working in the real estate industry since 2002 focusing on Residential, Commercial, and Investment real estate; and is a Licensed California Real Estate Broker.

Dennis worked with the Developers on the Ace Hotel / United Artists project identifying the property, working  on the pre-development prior to acquisition, and guiding the acquisition to a successful close.  Ace Hotel is currently open and is was a $60 million dollar hotel in the Historic United Artist Theater and Old Texaco Office Building.


He currently owns and operates Amp Hospitality Group, www.amphg.com, specifically working with hospitality companies on real estate matters as a real estate developer, a broker, and a consultant. Dennis continues to develop new projects in the Greater Los Angeles area.  In addition, Dennis has a multitude of experience in the Food and Beverage operations, beginning when he was a teenager, starting in the back of house moving to the front of house giving him an illuminating perspective on the benefits and potential problems of hospitality projects.

Dennis Maynard was honored in Montclair’s Who’s Who in Real Estate in 2007, and has received numerous awards in real estate.

As personal hobbies, Dennis enjoys swimming, outdoor activities, entertaining, BBQ, wine enthusiast, and LA Dodgers baseball.



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